Régie du logement

The Régie du logement is a tribunal specializing in residential leases. Its mission is to rule on the disputes that are reported, employing a simple procedure based on natural justice, and inform the public about the rights and obligations involved in a lease to prevent disputes arising from ignorance of the law, and promote settlements between owners and tenants. The Régie is also, under certain circumstances, responsible for ensuring the conservation of the housing stock, and, in these cases, ensuring the protection of tenants’ rights.
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Regroupement des comités logement et association de locataires du Québec (RCLALQ)

The RCLALQ’s primary mission is to promote the right to housing and serve as a political voice for tenants, particularly low-income households. Its secondary mission is to promote peoples’ right of association to mobilize on issues connected with housing rights, from the perspective of empowerment, independent popular education and public awareness. Last, the RCLALQ strives to defend tenants’ rights through training, and the dissemination of legal, political and social information related to rental housing.
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