I’ve volunteered with FADOQ’s Senior-Aware program for a few years now. The idea behind these information sessions is to make them interactive and interesting for participants (…). The presence of a community police officer, who is always there to support volunteers, is an invaluable support during these emotionally charged meetings. I think that Senior-Aware should not only be maintained, but also, constantly adapted to current needs so that it can bring a ray of hope to those who are often alone in dealing with elder abuse (…).

Ann Remillard

From the perspective of a police officer, every Senior-Aware session is a unique opportunity to forge close ties with seniors, especially those who are more isolated. By going out to meet them we can sensitize them to issues such as fraud, abuse, and bullying. The comments we get from participants show that they feel better equipped and, as a result, reassured. What’s more, these discussions are a chance for us to explain our role and demystify solutions such as the reporting process (…).

Karine Picard