Autorité des marchés financiers

As set out in its founding legislation, the mission of the Autorité des marches financiers is to apply the laws concerning oversight of the financial sector, particularly in the fields of insurance, securities, deposit institutions – except banks – and the distribution of financial products and services. More specifically, the Authority helps consumers and users of financial products and services; ensures that financial institutions and other financial sector stakeholders comply with the prescribed solvency standards and legal obligations; regulate the distribution of financial products and services; regulate stock exchange and clearing activities and securities activities; regulate derivative markets, including derivative exchanges and clearing houses by ensuring that regulated entities and other derivative market actors comply with their legal obligations; implement protection and compensation programs for consumers and users of financial products and services; and administer the compensation funds provided under the law prévus par la loi.
514 395-0337
418 525-0337
1 877 525-0337

Bank of Canada

For information about the reproduction of images of bank notes for commercial or educational purposes, contact the Bank of Canada. You can also visit the Bank’s website.
1 800 303-1282
TTY: 1 888 418-1461

Competition Bureau of Canada

Its mission is to protect and promote competitive markets in Canada and enable consumers to make informed decisions.
1 800 348-5358
TTY : 1 866 694‑8389

Canadian Anti-fraude centre

If you want to report fraud or need more information on the subject, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by telephone or email:
1 888 495-8501

SeniorBusters is a group of volunteers that work for the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and provides information and telephone assistance to seniors who may have been victims of telephone fraud. To reach them, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Charities Directorate – Canada Revenue Agency

This is a toll-free telephone line that provides information on registered charities. Additional services are also available on their website.
1 888 892-5667

Échec au crime (Info Crime)

Échec au crime is a non-profit group that was founded on May 8, 1996. When itcommenced operations in 1997, it was known as Info-Québec; it continued to operate under this name until it changed its name in October 2012. It runs a program to provide Québeckers with a way to report crime anonymously. The concept was developed along the lines of Canadian CrimeStoppers.
1 800 711-1800

Spam Reporting Centre (SRC)

This tool has been available to consumers, companies and other organizations since July 1, 2014. Go to the website at to report commercial emails sent without the recipient’s consent or commercial emails containing misleading or false information.


1 800 465-7166

Canada’s National Do Not Call List (DNCL) –
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

Canadians who have registered their telephone number with the National Do Not Call List who wish to file a complaint can do so on the DNCL website or by calling the numbers below. The CRTC investigates and may impose a fine on telemarketers found guilty of violating the rules on unsolicited telecommunications, including fraudulent mass marketing rules, DNCL rules, and the rules concerning automatic essaging dialers.
1 866 580-DNCL (1 866 580-3625)
TTY : 1 888 DNCL-TTY (1 888 362-5889)

Office de la protection du consommateur

The Office de la protection du consommateur [consumer protection office] oversees the application of laws under its jurisdiction; informs consumers collectively and individuals; receives their complaints. It also promotes coordinated action on the part of consumer market stakeholders.
1 888 OPC-ALLO (672-2556)

Canada Post


Local police department

The directory of police forces can be found on the website listed below.

Sûreté du Québec


Transunion Canada

1 877 713-3393